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Aesthetic treatments for sensitive skin

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If you know you have sensitive skin, you need to be very careful with it, as it can be extremely vulnerable to: wind, sun, pollution, etc. When the skin is affected, you may notice the following signs: redness, rash, in some cases permanent hair loss, etc. It is advisable not to confuse a reactive skin with an allergic skin, because the allergic skin is due to the immune system reacting to the external agent that it considers harmful. Sensitive skin can be of several types: normal, dry, oily or mixed.

Treatments for sensitive skin at the beauty center

This type of skin is very difficult to deal with, so you need to know very well the factors that trigger the reaction of your skin to avoid unpleasant events. Many people try to prevent skin reactions, strengthen the tissues and stimulate the natural functions of isolation of the chrono layer.

Complex cleaning. This is done with high quality products and suitable for sensitive skin. Their application is done with special care, with nitrile gloves and for single use, because they prevent drying and are not aggressive. In addition, they have active soothing principles, which are able to soften and refresh the skin, reducing skin irritation.

Enzyme shells. They are the only ones that resist sensitive or reactive skin because they are quite soft and do not cause peeling. Its application is made with a decongestant and moisturizing mask after treatment. This mask can be of several types: chamomile extract, coconut or arnica. They have the role of reducing the redness of the skin. Another good product for this skin type is 10% lactobionic acid, which can develop very effective treatment protocols for this skin type.

Hydration and nutrition. Absolutely all products that are recommended for sensitive skin, must be hypoallergenic. They must have in their composition decongestants and soothing, without perfumes and alcohol. Besides all these, they must still have in their composition ingredients that can be found in the chrono layer. These ingredients may be the following: phospholipids, cholesterol, fatty acids, ceramides, liposomes. These ingredients have the role of nourishing, moisturizing and repairing the skin.

Electroporation. It was based on the emission of an electromagnetic wave. These where they are capable of modifying the electrical potential of the plasma membrane. This modification may lead to the opening of intracellular channels, through which the introduction of electroporated cosmetic substances is made.

High frequency. This equipment has glass electrodes, they contain ozone gas, which are used to generate fat lipoperoxidation, is bactericidal and increases the local temperature and vasodilation. Through this procedure we obtain an increase of tissue irrigation, oxygenation and nutrition. Due to these equipment, the skin will be hydrated and oxygenated, gradually reducing its nutritional and metabolic values. It can treat various skin problems such as: irritation, wrinkles, dryness, etc.

In conclusion, sensitive skin is a problem that can persist throughout your life, so it is advisable to maintain proper hygiene and care habits. Try to avoid irritation and treat reactivity by strengthening and stimulating the skin protection barrier.

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