Alternatives to talcum powder

     People should know that this type of powder is composed of a mineral from the silicate family, usually magnesium, which is extracted by mining. It is a fairly soft material, such as chalk for tin, which is easy to obtain without being very expensive.

     One part of zinc stearate is also added for every two parts of talc. Many baby powders and many cosmetic powders are also talc-based.

     In addition to this information, people also need to know the disadvantages of this talcum powder. For the most part, there are 2 disadvantages of talcum powder, both for babies and for cosmetics, and they are extremely problematic for health:

  • First, this powder may be the main cause of cancer. Researchers have shown in recent studies that using this powder too often can cause lung cancer by inhalation or genitals in women by repeatedly applying it to the area. In the latter case, it is known that the genitals absorb it, harboring it in the ovaries, finding in many cases a direct relationship between ovarian cancer and talcum powder. Constant use of makeup powder based on talcum powder, if it is inhaled and, in addition, you are a smoker, it is likely to develop into lung cancer.
  • Inhaling talcum powder can even be fatal for babies: this disadvantage of talcum powder has been known for more than 30 years. Since then, children’s deaths have been documented by accidental inhalation of talcum powder. Usually, these cases were for a large amount, such as a jar that was dropped or spilled next to the baby’s face. But every time we put it on a little, something splashes in the air and can be blown up by the little one. and creates small irritations, colds, etc., which can be particularly complicated if our little one has a congenital respiratory problem.

     The application of this product is done as follows: put this product in your hand, away from the child and then pass it over the area, never spray it or put it with your palms, but with light blows and never on the face or body . Of course, keep the boat away from your child and do not allow him to lift it to play. People need to realize that any foreign body that our baby repeatedly inhales can have some, though not so serious, consequences.

     A good substitute for talcum powder is cornstarch with baking soda or the mixture of cornstarch with starch. In addition, in all these cases it is less dusty, but you must always be careful that the little one does not inhale any type of dust.

     The replacement of this product can also be done with the help of good quality and price creams that we can find on the market, consult your pediatrician. There are also other baby powders on the market that do not contain talc, see your pediatrician again.