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Birch sap properties

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     Poetically speaking, it is white blood, it is the silent liquid element, it is the vital juice that emanates from plants and trees.

     Researchers say that it circulates throughout the body and reaches every corner of the vegetables with the necessary nutrients. Without it there would be nothing green. Although it passes inside these living beings, with the thaw, in the form of drops or “tears”, they slip through the trunks of trees and come out. This is how it can be collected.

     People living near these forests already know, from ancestral knowledge, that this drink is not only useful for vegetables, but is also suitable, nutritious and healthy for people.

     That is why rustic collection systems have been created that take advantage of this gift.

     Although sap can be consumed from different species, birch is a favorite (especially among the population of northern Europe, America and China) for its rich properties, including:

  • It is considered a very good diuretic, draining and detoxifying. Many people use it to purify the body. It goes without saying, therefore, that both herbal tea and herbal tea made from the leaves of this tree can help reduce inflammation and eliminate fluids.
  • Another very good property of it is to reduce the dreaded uric acid, the same that causes gout attacks.
  • To benefit from the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys, you can consume this tea, because it is part of the oldest times, and was used to fight infections of the excretory system.
  • Because it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is also perfect for the moderate symptoms of muscle, rheumatic or tendon pain.
  • It is also used by specialists to get rid of unwanted kg.
  • And last but not least, another property of birch sap is that it relieves almost all stomach problems.

     In addition to all of the above benefits, stevia also helps eliminate debris, toxins and metals from the body and helps the liver and kidneys perform their functions faster, but that doesn’t mean they need to control their walks. refrigerator and anxiety attacks devouring chocolates and sugars.

     Of course, birch sap is also nutritious and rich in essential micronutrients. Therefore, it can be a good snack in any vital circumstance, even to kill the bug when following a diet.