Birdseed for weight loss

     The English call these canary seeds, canary grass. This plant, which corresponds to the scientific name of Phalaris canariensis, also comes from this region and North Africa.

     In the first phase it was used as food for domestic birds in the twentieth century. In addition, poor quality bread was made in its place of origin, because when the dough was cooked it lost some of its properties.

     Nowadays, this canary grass is used by people to lose extra pounds. Do not share food with your birds and do not buy this plant in pet stores! The one that is suitable for human consumption has other hygienic characteristics and must be acquired from plants.

     If you normally read the food and diet articles I publish here or elsewhere, you already know that I am not in favor of this way of managing health and weight control. Researchers say that today there is nothing in nature that works so miraculously with any problem or disease. And bird seeds will be no exception.

     This type of seeds were introduced by specialists in people’s diets, to control overweight, and to know its diuretic properties, that it has them, but with precautions. It has the role of capturing fat by slowing down their absorption. People can lose somewhere at 12 kg per month, as mentioned on some websites, there is a very long way to go.

     Because this is simply a food and never a panacea, people consume it as a dietary supplement. In short, you can use bird seeds to lose weight by sprouting it and incorporating it into salads. It has a slightly spicy and fresh aroma that adds a gourmet note to your recipes.

To fully benefit from its nutritional properties, you need to make a vegetable milk very similar to soy or oat milk. You must follow these steps:

  • In the first phase you need to soak half a glass of bird seeds overnight.
  • After you have done this, on the 2nd day, you need to pour the liquid and rinse the seeds.
  • In the last phase, mix the pasta with mineral water in a blender until you get the chosen consistency.

     As I told you above, they have weight loss properties or at least help us lose the weird weight, but always following a healthy and balanced diet. But canary seeds have healthier properties:

  • First of all, people need to know that it is very rich in fiber. Their role is to prevent constipation.
  • Enzymes in bird seeds help maintain the health of the digestive and urinary system.
  • Besides these very important properties, it is also a very good diuretic.
  • With their help, people can lower their cholesterol from the body and eliminate cellulite.
  • And its last benefit is to help you eliminate unwanted pounds.