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Caffeine to burn fat

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    Nowadays, this substance often revolves around people, thanks to coffee, tea, chocolate (yes, it also contains caffeine), etc. Few people know that, it can make a significant difference in a stage of fat loss. But we must not forget that fat loss is ultimately marked by caloric deficit through diet and / or exercise.

     One of the most consistent ways to use caffeine or any substance that stimulates the nervous system is to make stops throughout use to avoid, in some way, addiction or even dependence on these substances. Because caffeine, like many natural or synthetic substances, produces a certain degree of dependence.

     Due to the very hectic pace of life and culture, this physiological dependence is very high. Researchers in the field say that the social act of drinking coffee in a bar or the hectic pace at work determines the normalization of the constant state of alarm in the body. Its role is to help people get over the ups and downs of a day after day. Of course, this situation is abnormal and if you are in it, using caffeine for a stage of fat loss will do you more harm than good.

     Recommendations and guidelines for the use of caffeine for fat burning are as follows:

  • “Clarified”. People need to know that depending on how long they have been drinking coffee, they need to consider the time to resensitize the body to caffeine. Hence the word clarified as synonymous with “cleansing” the body. In conclusion, recommending people 2-3 weeks without drinking coffee or caffeinated products would be a good decision to improve the effectiveness of the substance in the stage of fat loss. Another option is to opt for decaffeinated coffee.
  • Type of administration. People need to know what kind of caffeine they are consuming, because it is of several kinds: anhydrous caffeine, malate caffeine, sustained release caffeine, caffeine gum or simply coffee. The dosing and action curve must be considered in order to use them strategically.
  • The moment. Specialists in the field recommend people to be aware of the effects of caffeine on the body. They must ensure that the administration does not involve problems with rest, sleep, tasks and / or daily responsibilities. The classic recommendations tell us not to consume caffeine 6 hours before bedtime, so we will take this recommendation as a reference when we use it. We now know that tolerance and damage to caffeine also depend on genetic components, although we will not go into that.
  • Physical activity and diet. The need to be caloric deficient to lose fat is imperative. The ideal option is to combine a personalized workout program and a diet according to our needs to lose fat. Without it, caffeine will have no effect on the target.
  • The caffeine cycle. People need to know that it is very important not to depend on it or any external stimulus to perform daily tasks. Specialists in the field say that it is very important to be able to plan seasons in which we do not use caffeine or coffee (or tea, mate, guarana …), because these things will help you make the most of the benefits it has and also, don’t be addicted to it. We must emphasize that caffeine in high doses can cause gastrointestinal and other problems, so that, as with other foods and / or substances, the poison is in the dose and during use.