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A diet full of color gives you more beautiful skin

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Your diet for a beautiful skin – Colors are not only meant to brighten life, but they also bring harmony to the home environment and at the same time will help and enhance your beauty. Besides these benefits, they are also essential for the skin of any person. Putting color on the plate is the key to your skin’s beauty. If you want better skin brightness and good health, I recommend eating fruits and vegetables, as a recent study by Scottish researchers shows that eating fruits and vegetables containing carotenoids improves the appearance of your skin making it more attractive.

The definition of carotenoids is as follows – they are organic pigments that are naturally found in plants.

The carotenoids have in their composition a whole range of colors. They range from yellow to bright red and have antioxidant properties. In short, they play a role in preventing cell damage. In addition to this, the human body has the ability to convert carotenoids (alpha and beta) into vitamin A, which is essential for skin, bone, vision and immune system (defense) health.

This research has shown that changes in the tone of the colors (red or yellow) on the skin of white people are closely related to the number of fruits and vegetables they consume daily.

The students kept a diary of how many servings of fruits and vegetables they ate during the six weeks, and the researchers analyzed the changes in skin color in different parts of their bodies. They ate somewhere at 3.5 servings of fruits and vegetables and, as a result, their skin significantly improved their appearance.

So in a short time, with the right diet, you can improve the brightness and color of the skin.

The above study was done on people who benefit from white skin. I look forward to investigating whether the consumption of more fruits and vegetables has the same effect on people with darker and older skin.

In conclusion, eating fruits and vegetables is important for your health, and a healthy diet is one of the important factors for your beauty, which is why I recommend eating more portions of fruits and vegetables. Beauty will come from the inside out.

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