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Intimate hair removal has its risks

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Hair removal in the intimate area is increasingly common in both women and men, but we are often unaware that it can have health risks. This is warned by a study published in the British Medical Journal. He says that hair removal makes the skin more vulnerable to infections.

The most common virus is called Molluscum contagiosum (molluscum contagiosum). It produces small, round, waxy pustules in the genital area or thighs. With the removal of hair, the intimate area will be more exposed to external agents and microorganisms.

Why do you think we epilate? What drives us to do this, especially since we are aware of the complications that may occur?

The American Medical Association conducted a study in which 59% of women do this for hygiene purposes only, while the other 41% do so to look sexy or acknowledge that they have shaved for their partners.

It is certainly an increasingly common practice, especially among the younger ones. In fact, 95% of students and universities are laughing, according to a study by American University George College and State University.

If you find yourself among these people, consider your health first. Laughter in the intimate area can make you look good, but your health should always be higher. Remember this!

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