Jojoba oil benefits related to skincare

     Few people know that this oil comes from an extract of jojoba bush, which also bears the scientific name of Simmondsia Chinensis, which grows wild in the driest regions of the United States and in the desert of northern Mexico. It reaches up to six meters and lives for more than 90 years. This shrub has an evergreen branched trunk and has male and female flowers, flowering takes place in spring.

Jojoba oil is also called “liquid gold” due to its color, it is a wonderful and powerful antioxidant, biodegradable and its properties do not diminish over time.

The substance extracted from the jojoba nut, the oil, was already used by the peoples who lived on the American continent before the arrival of whites for skin and hair care and even used the whole nut as emergency food.

     In this article, I will tell you some benefits of jojoba oil related to skincare. These are:

  • People should use this cream before going to sleep, because it is a very good moisturizer, having the role of creating a barrier that will prevent moisture loss and will keep our skin perfectly hydrated.
  • Specialists also recommend this cream if you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, because with its anti-inflammatory properties of jojoba oil make it a great ally in combating these skin problems.
  • It delays the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the signs of aging: it is rich in vitamin E, so its continued use, in addition to maintaining perfect skin, fights free radicals that are responsible for skin aging and also delays the appearance of dreaded wrinkles.
  • If you are one of the people who benefit from oily skin, I recommend that you keep your skin well hydrated. The role of this oil is to regulate the production of fat in the body. We must make sure that we use pure oil without additives.
  • For lip care: can be used as a lip balm, helps keep lips perfectly hydrated, and protects them from the effects of the weather.
  • Hand and foot care: used regularly: hands and feet are very punished parts of the body and we usually do not pay much attention to them, applying jojoba oil on them will keep them soft and perfectly hydrated.
  • In addition to these very important benefits, this oil also has the role of reducing the harmful effects of the sun on the skin. In its composition is vitamin E and B-complex vitamins help regenerate the skin that has been damaged by excessive sun exposure.
  • Fights acne: This common problem in adolescence can be treated with jojoba oil, as it acts as a deep cleanser and dissolves fat deposits.