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Lotion for gray hair

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In many cases, this problem of the appearance of gray hair is that of the passing of the years, the aging of the hair with the passing of the years.

With the passage of years, the biological mechanism responsible for the color of the hair begins to stop functioning in the normal parameters, and with the appearance of this problem, the natural hair dye disappears and the gray hair appears. This problem of gray hair can be remedied with the help of paints if it bothers you too much. As the years go by, the hair becomes white and translucent, this fact is still curious, because without pigmentation the hair should be transparent, like nails, because keratin, an organic substance that forms hair and nails, is so. The cause of gray hair being white is due to optical phenomena.

Gray hair will not have the same strength as youth hair because it is much thinner and will have less shine and will also be less flexible. With the passage of your years, you have to realize that the quality of the hair decreases.

The best advice I can give you is to try looking for home recipes that will help you hide your first gray hair. In this article, I will provide a sage lotion for gray hair, very effective to help you get the most colored hair.

     Ingredients to prepare a gray hair lotion:

  • ½ cup sage leaves
  •  then put on these leaves 1 tablespoon vodka and 2 cups of water

     Preparation mode:

  • in a saucepan place the chopped sage leaves
  • then put the water in that saucepan and it will boil
  • once the mixture has cooled, all the contents will be poured into a bowl and the vodka will be added

The application of this preparation is done after washing the hair, it is ideal to use it as a vaporizer.

This is just one of the many home recipes that can be useful for hiding the look of your first gray hair.

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