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What are the main sexual fears of man

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     The most common fears of men are:

  • Erectile dysfunction. It is also called impotence and occurs when the man cannot maintain an erection. If you encounter this problem, sexual intercourse becomes impossible or very unsatisfactory. Impotence can occur due to several environmental and organic factors. For example alcohol, drugs, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Although physical causes explain some cases, psychological factors are determinants of most erectile dysfunctions. As people get older, this problem will worsen, but it can occur at any age.
  • Another problem encountered in men is premature ejaculation. Sexual contact may occur, but the man loses control over ejaculation. In short, ejaculation occurs faster than needed. I recommend that you go to your specialist doctor if you have this problem.
  • Dyspareunia. This problem manifests through pain during penetration and is caused by the increased insensitivity of the glans. Pain in the penis may also occur due to phimosis and injury.
  • Priapism. This problem is rarely encountered and manifests itself through an involuntary and painful erection. In short, the penis cannot relax after sexual intercourse. If you have this problem, go to your specialist doctor.
  • Anorgasmia and Anaphrodisiac. These 2 problems are disorders of orgasm. Anorgasmia is manifested by the inability to have a normal ejaculation, and anaphrodisiac is a complete absence of sexual desire. This problem may arise due to psychological disorders.
  • The size of the penis. This desire is not essential for sexual pleasure, even if some people believe it.
  • BTS: o Sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV / AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea and hepatitis B, among others. You can avoid all these diseases only if you use a condom.

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