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How to make lice shampoo

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     Unfortunately, the problem of lice still exists today and is an annoying pest. This problem invades the heads of people, especially those of children and is difficult to overcome, despite all the products we can find on the market. The most difficult to remove are the lice eggs, and if you want to get rid of them it is necessary to escape the eggs from the head of the children first.

Specialists say that it is not advisable to use home remedies. The truth is that they have always been very effective even if they were not recommended. In this article, I will give you a recipe to learn how to make lice shampoo which is very effective in combating them. It can also prevent certain infections.

     How to make a shampoo with lice?

First of all, this must be a natural shampoo, to which we will add the essential oil of the tea tree. This tree is an excellent ally in fighting lice invasion. In this shampoo, you can also add other 100% pure essences, such as lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil. These essences offer antiseptic, soothing properties and give a pleasant aroma to our lice shampoo.

This shampoo is used frequently, recommended 3 times a week because it is not aggressive. It can also be combined with a lotion of lice to get rid of these unpleasant guests faster.

After using this shampoo it is necessary to comb with a comb impregnated with tea tree oil, once or twice a day.

On the market, there are many lice shampoos already prepared, made with 100% pure essential oils. They can be purchased from herbivores and specialized shops.

        Some information about lice:

  •  does not fly, so that means you can never be infected by air
  •  lice can only live for a few hours outside people’s heads
  •  to get rid of this problem it is necessary to repeat the treatment several times
  • they have no preference for a certain color or length of hair.

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