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Myths about protein and creatine

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     Myths about protein are 2 in number, and these are:

  • myth number 1are the following name: Taking protein makes you work excessively and damages the kidneys and liver.

If a perfectly healthy man takes protein, he will not need any contraindication, as they will not cause changes in the kidney or liver. But I recommend that you consider that there are a set of diets that have an excessive load of protein, and these diets will not need other proteins. Diets with high protein potential in combination with other proteins can cause liver and kidney problems due to overwork and overload.

  • myth number 2: all whey proteins are the same or there is so little difference between them that it is better to choose the cheapest one.

Yes, this myth is true. There are many types of whey protein, but most of them have the same concentration in product quality, as they may contain impurities. That is why I think that a more expensive product should not be better than a cheaper product because this will also depend on how the protein (hydrolyzed, isolated) is treated. In conclusion, we dismantle this myth.

     Myths about creatine are also 2 in number, and these are:

  • myth # 1: Creatine supplements harm our health

Everyone should know that creatine must be consumed in adequate doses, so that it does not create health problems and, on the contrary, we must benefit from its benefits. If you consume creativity in appropriate doses, you can benefit from beautiful results. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the impurities contained in low-quality creatine products, as they may contain: creatinine, heavy metals whose substances are totally harmful to our body. In conclusion, you must pay close attention to the impurities and quality of the products you purchase.

  • myth number 2 creatine: Creatine causes people’s muscles to grow artificially

You have to be aware that creatine is not a doping supplement, and its results are natural. But you have to know that, creatine has a high potential for increasing muscle mass, which is why it becomes a good supplement as long as the daily doses are respected.


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