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Natural skin care

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     When specialists speak of natural skin care, they mean maintaining the balance of the hydrolipid layer, cleaning the skin and restoring its balance. It involves both internal and external skin care.

     People need to know that the hydrolipidic hand is the layer that covers the skin and is made up of a mixture of water, sebum, sweat and dead cells. Its function is to act as a barrier, preventing the loss of water and blocking the entry of unwanted substances from the environment.

     Cleaning is very important, because throughout the day we are exposed to substances that adhere to the skin: makeup, dust, grease, water, perspiration, pollution, etc. When washing or showering, remove the hydrolipidic layer from the skin. If we use water, we will only remove dust or substances that dissolve in water.

     Researchers in the field say soap is very good at removing oily residue from the skin, but they recommend the use of cleansers on the face. Do not forget to use only natural products, because chemicals can be very aggressive for your skin.

     Restoring the balance of the skin is as important as cleaning, using vegetable oils, fats or waxes, we can help recreate the hydrolipidic mantle.

     We could say that natural skin care is the sum of cleaning, the restoration of the hydrolipid layer, nutrition and hydration.

     In order to benefit from a beautiful and healthy skin, you must have a very good diet and consume a lot of water. Skin hydration takes place inside the body. We don’t absorb water through the skin, if we did, we wouldn’t be able to take a shower or a bath … we would fill ourselves with water, right? There are certain substances that can penetrate the skin in small amounts, usually oily substances.

     People need to know that skin hydration is done like this: the flow of water from the skin goes from the inside of the body to the outside of the skin and when it reaches the surface it evaporates, it is a continuous flow because the water is constantly renewed by diffusion (internally) and through nutritional contribution.

     Experts say that when there is no balance between the water we lose and the water we generate, the water supply is altered and this leads to changes in the appearance of the skin: shiny fat or flakes. Because of this it is very necessary that people to understand that he has to drink water throughout the day. The dose of water to be consumed differs from person to person.

     The diet of people who want to have beautiful skin, should include, fresh foods such as: tomatoes, oranges and greens (these are the ones with the highest amount of water and antioxidants).

     Virtually all foods have water to a greater or lesser degree, but fruits, vegetables and greens have the highest percentage.

     Antioxidants are also important (red fruits, vitamin E, wheat germ, orange vegetables, nuts, seeds, virgin olive oil).

     Do your best to avoid processed foods, alcohol and moderating carbohydrate intake (in large quantities are inflammatory) will also help.