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Is photo-depilation dangerous in pregnancy?

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What is photo-epilation?

Photo epilation is the complete removal of useless hair. To remove the hair, more sessions are needed because it is never final. In some cases, this method does not work at all, and it must be done by an expert. The energy of the machines with which this removal is made never exceeds the level of the epidermis.

Do you have contraindications?

In general, there are no contraindications. If you know you have too sensitive skin, itching, open phlebitis, bleeding scars, tumors or recurrent infections, it is recommended to avoid this intervention. It is also advisable to avoid this intervention during breastfeeding and during pregnancy.

Photo epilation and pregnancy.

Sometimes this intervention is allowed, and in some cases not. Let’s clarify. Thus, light lines that are used in both cabin cars and those sold for domestic use are not contraindicated for pregnancy or breastfeeding. Specialists who look after the clientele will not accept a photo epilation program with a pregnant woman, as there is no risk of this happening to the child. If something happens to the child, then his mother will begin to blame him.

Is photo-depilation dangerous during pregnancy?

At the moment, nothing is known in this regard, because there are no studies done in this regard. There are no literature or reference articles that indicate it may be dangerous. There were cases when photo-epilation was done during pregnancy, without knowing it, and the baby was born completely healthy.

Our tips for photo-epilation and pregnancy.

If you did this without knowing it, do not stress or panic because you will not lose the baby or give birth to a sick child. If you want to be safer, consult your gynecologist.

If you are planning a pregnancy or are already in the process, use another method because your skin is constantly changing.


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