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Properties of Moruno Tea for your health

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Not many people know about this tea and its properties. This is a tea composed of green tea and mint and is one of the most typical and popular drinks in Muslim countries. He is a symbol of hospitality and is usually the head of the family or the eldest son who prepares him. They consider it a hot Moorish tea and spicy food, your body temperature is equal to room temperature and you notice less heat.

This tea has several properties in its composition, as it adds to the properties of tea to see those of mint and gives us minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, along with vitamins A and B. Some of these are:

  • Few know that it plays a very important role in preventing tooth decay
  • In addition to this very important benefit, it also helps regulate cholesterol levels
  • It has diuretic properties.
  • The antioxidant properties of Moorish tea are quite important, as it helps to delay the aging process.
  • Your skin will be much more moisturizing if you drink this type of tea

Even though this tea has many properties, specialists recommend people with anemia problems not to consume this type of tea, because it prevents the absorption of iron and, as it has stimulating effects, it is not convenient to abuse it because we can feel disturbed.

Moorish tea is prepared as follows: add 4 teaspoons of green tea, then put very hot water, fresh mint, and last sugar.

We will put boiling water in the kettle and after a few seconds, we will throw it away (this is only for heating the kettle). We will put a spoonful of sugar directly on the teapot, now empty. We will add green tea, mint, and finally boiling water.