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Remedies for wasp stings

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     I want to believe that all people know that bees only sting when they are on their territory or when they are attacked. Strong odors can unleash your instincts and if you try to remove it with your hands, the feeling of threat increases and ends up stinging.

The difference between bees and wasps is that wasps do not lose their stinger without remedy, in short, they continue to sting. As a curiosity, we will say that only females sting, as the function of the stinger, is not only defensive but also its channel for laying eggs.

Before putting natural remedies on a wasp sting, I recommend that you take your first aid very seriously, as it helps a lot to treat them later and alleviate the discomfort for the affected person. First, do not start rubbing or scratching the affected area, as you may have an infection. The role of rubbing the affected area is to make the toxins weaken the cells, and the bacteria on the skin can penetrate through scratches. Thoroughly clean the area with soap and water.

If you are stung by wasps, I recommend putting something cold on the wound. If you have ice, apply it on the bite, never in direct contact with the skin, but wrap it in a cloth or something and every 10 minutes.

Natural remedies for wasp stings have positive effects only if you do not have an allergy. Let’s see which ones we can use:

  • Remedy with ice and honey. Ice is considered the first step to take when you are stung by a wasp, then put some honey in the area. The thread relieves pain and inflammation, while honey, with its bactericidal and pain-relieving properties, does the rest.
  • The second very good remedy is to wash your stings with soap and water, then apply for 20 minutes a paste prepared with baking soda and water. With this remedy, you will neutralize the poison that is still on the skin.
  • Another very good remedy is made with the help of lemon. This is a great remedy for wasp stings that we can use. Cut a slice of lemon, place it on the affected skin, and leave for 5-10 minutes. The role of citric acid is to neutralize biting venom and dermal bacteria.
  • Aloe vera is the last remedy in this article. It is applied to the sting and will refresh the area by calming the itching.