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Natural remedies for travel dizziness

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People need to know that dizziness that does not give them peace in their travels is not a disease, but an annoying problem. They appear as a response to the equilibrium system to an unusual situation.

The information received by the brain can be erroneous because, although we are “still”, our visual environment is moving and this makes the symptoms associated with dizziness appear: sweating, dizziness, nausea …

This problem differs from person to person and is due to the fact that some have a more sensitive balance system.

Tips and precautions that will be very useful to avoid dizziness:

  • A first tip is not to eat any food before starting a shorter trip. If it is longer, eat a light meal. You can eat some nuts, suck half a lemon. Above all, it is very important to avoid dizziness from not drinking alcohol.
  • Another very important tip is to read absolutely nothing during the trip, and do not try to fix your eyes on an object inside the car.
  • Feeling nauseous and dizzy can be combated with deep breathing.
  • The machine must be well ventilated and free of strong odors, such as tobacco.
  • If your driver is a known person, tell him to try to make the turns trying to avoid the continuous changes of speed. Acceleration and sudden braking especially favor dizziness.
  • A good tip to avoid dizziness is to sit in places with little movement: in the car, in the passenger seat; on the bus, before; in the boat, in the middle; on the plane, between the wings. Maintaining a pleasant chat always helps us not to be aware if we are dizzy.
  • A very good position that helps a lot is to sit face up and lift your legs up and lift your legs.
  • Keep the view at a 45 ° angle above the horizon. Find distant landmarks without looking at nearby objects: in the car, on the train or in the bus, lightly open the window; on the boat, get off the deck on the plane.
  • There are other allies of dizziness in this issue. These are noise, cold, and fatigue.
  • If it is very hot in the car, I recommend lowering the car window a little (Auto) so that it gives us a little cool while the trip lasts.
  • Stimulates children’s attention by making them sit on appropriate chairs and / or keeping them entertained by games (but better without looking at small objects: blows, etc.).
  • If you are pregnant, fully comply with preventive measures; You cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs against the movement.