Sweat a lot to burn fat

     Many people make the mistake of wearing thick clothes or sweatshirts when running. They need to understand that thick clothes while running only make you exhaust faster and dehydrated. Because of this you will feel terrible and the worst case scenario is that you may not even perform long enough to start burning fat.

     When a person exercises, the first thing they lose is sweating fluids. Then, as the pace increases and the exercise gradually continues, we begin to burn fat and sugar. This cannot be done within 15 minutes of any routine.

     You can get rid of body fat with the exercise itself, perseverance and discipline with which you do it. In short, every time you exercise, it means an expenditure of energy for the body, for which it uses all the energy it has, including fats and carbohydrates.

     People also need to realize that when they lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is easier for these fats to accumulate and store them, causing annoying love handles or a bulky abdomen. It is important to know that if you do not sweat more, we will burn fat (calories) and therefore we will lose weight faster.

     If you run and your body does not have enough ventilation, irritation and itching of the skin will occur, because all the salts that are dislodged by perspiration are very abrasive. Therefore, any good instructor does not recommend belts, or creams, or nylon or plastic sweatshirts, which are offered as a miracle, but cause unnecessary suffering.

     Researchers recommend people to dress in comfortable and light clothing and take into account the weather, because if it is warm, a shirt and pants will be enough to achieve the necessary energy expenditure that allow you, in a reasonable time, to begin to feel how to lose weight and size or how to strengthen your muscles without necessarily losing weight.

     If the weather is cold, I will recommend warmer clothing to protect you from low temperatures, which could cool you down or cause muscle pain.

     Specialists recommend people to consume a lot of water, because it will rehydrate you after exercise. Rehydrating drinks that are advertised on TV are not necessary because they are effectively designed for high-performance or endurance athletes, such as a distance marathoner, whose sports sessions can last for hours, thus losing a large amount of salts. minerals.

     In addition to all this advice, specialists also recommend people who only go for a walk, or run for 20 or 30 minutes, or perform a modest aerobic activity (whether it is intended to burn fat or not), do not need to recover a lot of mineral salts, so if you consume calls by rehydrating drinks, the only thing you will do is accumulate salts, so it is recommended to drink only plain water or fruit with little or no sugar.