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Tan your skin with sugar cane

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In essence, it cannot be considered a tan, because it does not affect melanin on the skin, it acts on the surface, it colors keratin. It is prepared by spraying sugar cane extract mixed with beet essence.

The enthronement of sugar cane is very well known today, because it allows people to immediately benefit from one or two shades of bronze and, regardless of the results, has no short- or medium-term contraindications.

     How does it work?

This method is done after the following steps:

  • In the first phase, a deep exfoliation must be done, because the tone must be on the entire skin.
  • After the exfoliation is done, with dry and clean skin, this plant extract is sprayed all over the body and you have to wait for it to dry.
  • Reeding with sugar cane not only dyed the skin but also the clothes. So you need to choose well what to take to put on later and not spoil your best clothes.
  • The color is chosen according to the tone of the epidermis. I recommend you get for one that is not very dark so that it is as natural as possible.
  • The color is taken within 8 hours after treatment. Do not exercise because you do not have to sweat after treatment. Also, for the sugar canine tan to work, you need to wear loose clothing. Sports models such as those used for yoga are recommended.

     The benefits of tanning with sugar cane are the following:

  • Not acting with melanin, because it falls very quickly, and in a maximum of 6-7 days you will be able to recover your skin tone.
  • The side effects are zero. The only side effect is that you can benefit from an unpleasant aesthetic result.
  • The products used for tanning with sugar cane are vegetable and natural. The paint (and therefore the increase in the color that is not tanned) is produced by the pigments present in beets and sugar cane.