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Therapies for anxiety

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     Anxiety manifests as a state of anxiety and occurs when the subject feels in danger due to a threat, real or imagined. This does not allow for relaxation and rest.

In some cases, anxiety is necessary because it can help us survive some risks because it puts the person on alert. The problem arises when this natural faculty becomes pathological, reflecting the existence in the extreme case of an anxiety disorder. The human body is preparing to face a danger that does not exist, becoming something harmful.

Anxiety is also known to be closely linked to the three basic pillars of health. These are sleep, diet, and exercise. They interact with our mental activity (positive or negative), in short, any disorder or imbalance in these or other aspects of being, can lead to chronic anxiety. Throughout this article, we will find out about the symptoms, causes, and therapies for anxiety.

     In this article, I will recommend a few therapies to combat anxiety. These should be used under the advice and supervision of a good specialist. They are:

  • Schüssler salt number 7 (Magnesium phosphoricum D6). This therapy is used to relieve anxiety, especially when accompanied by a lack of concentration and insomnia. If anxiety is based on a depressed state and a memory weakness, the salt number of Schüssler 5. This will be of great help in combating this problem.
  • Bach flowers. They are used by specialists only in cases where the person feels that they must be “rescued” from a situation where they cannot find a way out. In short, it is only used in cases where people suffer from a high degree of anxiety. This remedy is used especially when people have to go for an exam or a major job interview or when working in a stressful environment. Bach flowers are one of the most effective anxiety therapies.
  • Massages. They can be made with the essential oils of lavender, rose or neroli. The role of these oils is to reduce stress, and no doubt, it is a very pleasant treatment for anxiety.
  • Meditation and relaxation exercises can be very helpful in relieving anxiety.