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Uses of coconut butter in cosmetics

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This product is extracted using the coconut crush until a smooth and soft paste is obtained. In its process, no heat or other handling procedure is used, which is why it is considered a raw food for people who follow restrictive diets in this regard. This butter is very caloric, soft, white, with a sweet smell and can be used both for ingestion and topically.

     How to differentiate oil butter

In many cases, it is confused with its oil. Coconut oil is something else that is extracted, such as olive oil, by pressure or even by the centrifugation of coconut pulp. It is much more caloric and has many harmful fractions in its composition compared to butter.

In this article I will tell you some of the uses of coconut butter:

  • In its composition, there is lauric acid, and its role is to effectively combat dermatological fungi, batteries, and viruses, also present in animal milk. So, in a nutshell, this coconut butter will fight against mild skin infections.
  • Micronutrients play a role in solving all gingival problems. Its use is made at night in small doses.
  • The fats in its composition will help you to restore and repair your hair and / or very damaged, dry or sunburned chemicals. I recommend using a mask with a little essential oil and remove all debris immediately, as it can give you a lot of fat.
  • The cracks are repaired using coconut oil, as it is very nourishing, emollient and soft.
  • In case your skin is not dry, I recommend using only coconut butter as part of the mask, as it can leave the area with a lot of fat
  • Spa and massage centers use this butter very often because it is very effective.
  • Some people have used this butter to fight vaginal infections, introducing some of this product in eggs until the symptoms disappear.

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